Monday, May 18, 2009

With the flash of a smile

I fell in love again on Saturday. It was all fresh, new and waiting to be re-discovered. I had forgotten I could feel this way and what’s more…I am not feeling like the bumbling fool the way I usually do with these things.

Coming around the corner at the “Roll Hole” and looking down river towards “Turtle Flats” I spotted OSKA boats. Rental clients were being driven towards the shop by stiff gusts of wind. As they passed, I swung the board around and started traveling back with them. While chatting, it struck me. The vantage from the SUP board was offering me a different vista, way of relating to the world and an added depth to my kayaking. Kayaking was again giving me a base from which to expand my world. It was giving me the chance to SUP.

I love paddling.

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