Saturday, June 21, 2008

Buying a boat

Hey folks!

Just though I would write a little bit on boat selection. I have spent some time talking to people about which boats would be best for them and I believe it comes down to a few simple items -

  • Does the kayak put a smile on your face? If you don't like being in the boat, why waste your money?

  • Does the kayak do what you want it to do? Go for the boat that does what you want to do and does it well.
  • Think about where you want to be in a year...will the boat be able to do it.
  • Plastic vs, kevlar or carbon/kevlar boats have many advantages over plastic boats but generally cost more. If your first boat is composite, be aware that it may take some abuse that it wouldn't necessarily take once you have experience. Plastic boats can take quite a bit of abuse but may not have quite the qualities you want.

  • You can always fit out a boat for comfort after you purchase it. Many composite boats can be specially ordered with adjustments built in but may take longer to get.

  • Try any boat you are thinking about purchasing. You wouldn't buy a car without a test drive right?

So that is a brief intro to purchasing a boat. Get as much information as you can from many different sources.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

a rescue demo video

Hey! Another week has passed and we are closing in on the symposium. Mike and Sam are arranging RISC (Rhode Island Surf Camp) for the fall. I'll be putting up a page on the website that y'all can check out as we get the final pieces in place. It'll be up on Tuesday or so. Saturday was a long day but we cranked. The ICE was in full swing with Todd Wright down from Vermont assisting. Rob had a tour with Pahka that went well. We have a paddle in the shop for Paddle Surfing and we all took it and an old windsurfer board for a test down the river. Maybe a little later I will put up a vid of Pahka jumping in and taking it for a spin. Luckily, the camera is mine so there is no footage of me flailing around. Sunday was a little slower. The ICE finished up, I had an Intro class and Rob had a pretty cool tour. The weather put a bit of a damper on the day and I ended up a little hypothermic by the end. Nice folks came through all weekend and we got a delivery of "Kelly's Coffee Cake" is gone now...inhaled...enjoyed. Thank you!

Monday, June 9, 2008

A South Coast Sunday

So what do you do when the first heat wave of the season hits? Go kayaking! Dave and I spent our day with a class out near Allen’s Pond. Straight out of the gate it was evident that heat wasn’t going to be a problem…the sweating done on the van ride to the launch site was quickly forgotten once the sea breeze was felt. The sun was out, the sea had a little texture, the birds were all about and I got to be on the water. Our class had a blast playing in introductory surf as well as a little beginner rock gardening. The conversation ranged the entire spectrum of kayaking and everyone enjoyed each other’s company. It was a fun day for me. Mike had our shuttle under control and none of us were unhappy being soaking wet when we hit the heat back at the shop. A little beach picnic in the evening and then a very long drive home…the heat and humidity could not keep me awake. I woke up this morning bright eyed and bushy tailed, all happy and relaxed from yesterday’s paddling.

Monday, June 2, 2008

A truly sick weekend.

Hi! Another weekend has come and gone. Saturday was slow (Sam and I both had colds and it was windy/rainy) but Sunday cranked along. Mike ran a surf class that rocked. His students were so excited about their experience that they decided to stay another day and come to the Monday Surf Expression Session. Mike was energized. West has video that we will be pulling clips from. Bob B. stopped by to go for a paddle. It was a pleasure seeing him.