Monday, August 2, 2010

and a dog named Blue

Blearily we arrive at the shop shortly after 6am. The Coalition for Buzzards Bay is having their swim and we are safety boats. Adam meets us at the shop unexpectedly. He flew into Boston Friday night, took the train to Providence and a taxi to the shop. He has been waiting since 4. His day is going to be longer than ours.

The swim has gone well and we are moving on to the rest of our day. Rentals are strong and I have a private coastal instruction. We head to East Beach. The seas are up, Allen's Pond is emptying and the client is ready for the challenge. I love introducing people to 1-2 foot seas. It is all about decision making, alternatives and pushing boundaries/skills. The SUP team is competing in a race around Aquidneck at the same time (they finish in just under 12 hours).

Sunday Team OSKA is at it again. Renters and more are ready to get out and enjoy the day. Caffeinated, I am set for another class. Adam, the pro from Greenland is joining me for a Basic Strokes and Rescues class. It is supposed to be out front at the Gooseberries but the wind is a little high and people are fishing where I want to be so we switch to the harbor.

The water is clean, fresh and incoming. The students are excited and ready. We work on skills and experience as we travel to Canoe Rock for lunch. We are all having fun. Lunch is short and it is time for the rescues so we hop back into our boats briefly. The wind is up and changing direction, the harbor choice is proving perfect as is the sandbar we are training over. 

The class continues up the West Branch to Adamsville. The students are exhausted but happy when we get to the van. The tide has turned and with the wind they were able to see how it effects them and learn they are now capable of handling it. The shop has been active and of course there is a dog named Blue visiting for the day.