Sunday, June 15, 2008

a rescue demo video

Hey! Another week has passed and we are closing in on the symposium. Mike and Sam are arranging RISC (Rhode Island Surf Camp) for the fall. I'll be putting up a page on the website that y'all can check out as we get the final pieces in place. It'll be up on Tuesday or so. Saturday was a long day but we cranked. The ICE was in full swing with Todd Wright down from Vermont assisting. Rob had a tour with Pahka that went well. We have a paddle in the shop for Paddle Surfing and we all took it and an old windsurfer board for a test down the river. Maybe a little later I will put up a vid of Pahka jumping in and taking it for a spin. Luckily, the camera is mine so there is no footage of me flailing around. Sunday was a little slower. The ICE finished up, I had an Intro class and Rob had a pretty cool tour. The weather put a bit of a damper on the day and I ended up a little hypothermic by the end. Nice folks came through all weekend and we got a delivery of "Kelly's Coffee Cake" is gone now...inhaled...enjoyed. Thank you!

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