Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First Surf Class and The Green Mtn.Boyz

Chuck and Betsy came for the first surf class of the year. Small surf was on the horizon. Betsy was in her InAZone ,Chuck was in a new Dagger Kaos 10'2 SOT. I have to say that Kaos is a great shape! Chuck had plenty of waves from the outside all the way to the inside every time! He said he really enjoyed how easy it was to paddle out through the breaking waves as well as how fast it caught every wave he tried for. Betsy on the other hand..... Was ripping in her WW boat! Her first wave - she was back surfing and linking the outside to the inside with ease. Betsy also had an amazing aerial blunt on her last wave. She may not of tried to do it,but because she was looking and edging the proper way she landed it and surfed it to the sand. High fives to Chuck and Betsy. I look forward to coaching those guys again. Rendezvous was at the shop at High Noon. The Green Mountain BoyZ were either all ready on the water with Will Rich one of our surf guru's or driving in. I met the crew in Compton for an evening glass off session. Tom Thumb,JoshA,and snowboard guru Dave Red showed up for their first time in real surf boats. All these guys are class V whitewater paddlers. Their lack of surf knowledge didn't show at all! Daves first wave in The Reaction was great. Bottom Turn in the pocket and air out the back. Josh was in a Mega Cyclone. Not outfitted to well and boy was he ripping.Tom Thumb surfed a WW boat for a while and then got out in the Reaction at sunset. He also had some eye opening waves ! I love turning great paddlers onto the surf. These guys can't wait to return to the sea.We have big plans this summer for all.See you in the tube,Mike

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