Thursday, May 14, 2009

New SUP boards arrived

If you told me three years ago that I would be crazy about Stand Up Paddle boarding I would have told ya your nuts! Well I'm hooked!

We just brought in some Laird 12'1" SUP boards and a couple 9'0" trainer boards to add to our 11'0" NSP boards. We already have folks coming in and asking about "those giant boards in the yard". SUP is a great way to tour around our area. The ability to see over the banks and bushes along the river is great.

Although it requires a bit of balance, I feel like anyone can do it. SUP is also something the work out freaks will love. Talk about using stabilizer muscles and core development , You couldn't ask for more.

I'm training now for an event in the Adirondacks. It's called the Adirondack Canoe Classic. It's a 90 mile race over three days in the lake region of Upstate New York. 30 miles per day with portages. Looking forward to the challenge. See you out there! Mike

-SUP video re-edit

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Marjorie said...

Thank you, Hugh, for not putting the other part of that SUP video up :) Mimi