Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pea Soup & S’mores

The Milton gang arrived late Friday afternoon. After a ‘quick change’ and some awesome ice cream cones compliments of Rory & Kathy Courturier of The Head Landing Country Store , we headed south in the vans towards Hix Bridge. Our beautiful sunny afternoon was quickly changing as a significant fog bank rolled in from the sea. We unloaded our gear and packed our boats as fast as we could. With limited day light and rapidly approaching fog we needed to get paddling. The glassy calm of the river was engulfed by the thick smoke and the gang was nervous as they paddled along into the unknown. We followed our bearings faithfully and were rewarded as our bows landed on Upper Spectacle Island.

The crew unloaded their kayaks and set up camp like veteran outdoorsman; tents up, boats tied up, dinner started, cozy fire, and the honey bucket positioned with a perfect vista. Burritos, hot chocolate, and smores filled our bellies and we relaxed around the fire chatting, laughing, and enjoying our foggy island adventure.

As the sun rose, so did Sam. I put on the java and headed to the beach to take a few casts. Didn’t catch anything but, enjoyed the ospreys and kingfishers as they did. Once the crew emerged from their slumber we hoovered down a delicious breakfast and began to break camp. With the sun in the sky the gang moved along with the speed of sloths and it was late morning by the time we were paddling south. We cruised along the islands of the lower East Branch, the osprey were everywhere –circling high, diving for food, and hunkered low in the nest. We had intended to paddle through the harbor and up the west branch but, the wind got a bit fresher and the fog started to move in and we opted to turn around and paddle to the Head with the wind at our backs.

We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon as we rode the tide exploring the nooks and crannies of the river. We rounded the last bend before the shop and the sprint was on, Sean took the prize and landed first followed by the fog. The rest of us were treated to valet service by Team Osprey at the landing (thanks guys!). Big smiles and a sense of accomplishment filled our circle while we cleaned up and loaded the trailer for its return to Boston. What a great adventure!
-Sam Ladd

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Ashley Elizabeth Bair said...

Thanks for everything Sam. It was loads of fun!