Monday, May 11, 2009

The Upper Upper

It is a quiet, grey day. Fish are up but whatever they are feeding on does not resemble the lures we try so we catch our quota of water. Sam and Mimi come up the river out of the mist from their early morning SUP session, relaxed and happy. The shop is fully crewed.

We are allowed a little recreation. Rob, Carl and I are dropped off at the start of the Upper Upper with our “Masters”. A mossy bank, quiet sylvan setting and being in boats have us grinning like fools. The rushing sound of water over rocks comes from down river…not the quiet gurgle of a stream.

My boat and I sweep around the corner carried quickly by the current. The last run to Forge Pond is before me, laid out in steps of rocks and tongues of water. My eyes focus down river, brain plans the moves needed to negotiate the rapids. I feel a joy as I eddy out at the bottom and wait for the others. Both follow with the same large smiles seen all the way down this stretch of the Westport River. It isn’t huge water, but it is lots of fun in its unique way.

We still have the upper stretch to go before we arrive back at the shop. We cross the pond, the road and re-launch below the dam.

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