Thursday, April 29, 2010


They are predicting good weather and perfect tides for this weekend. It’s time for an Osprey Biathlon. I visualize getting on the paddleboard and grinding against the tide and wind to the harbor then swinging left to the bridge. I can see the sights and feel the morning sun even in my cubical. 3 hours to cover 12 miles…I pass under Hix Bridge my shoulders ache and my abs are a little sore. Pulling into the shop I nearly fall over. My body sways in my chair as I plant the paddle in the water and push my feet past it in my mind.

Having dropped food and gear at the shop I power through lunch and get my kayak ready for the return trip. Time and tide wait for no man. I’ll be fighting the wind on the way back and I’ll have another tight schedule. Muscles are tight and my shoulder complains at being pressed into service again. I can almost feel the twinge as the morning sun floods my office through the blinds. The kayak slices through the water faster than the board glided over it and I find my pace quickly.

I see Hix for the second time. The wind has swung to the SE so I am fighting it. I drop my head and dig in. Soon the 88 Bridge is passing over my head. My body is protesting. Static office life is not conducive to this effort but the gym is paying off. My breath is labored and my breaks are lasting a little longer than I prefer.

The outgoing tide makes getting into Adamsville a little more difficult. If I take too long there will be no water at the landing. Even so, I make it to my truck. Lifting the boat onto my roof will be a task, I’m tired.

This is the plan anyway. Perhaps I will actually be able to accomplish what I am setting out to but either way it will be me, music and the water. This time I will apply sunscreen to the backs of my hands.

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