Monday, September 28, 2009

Team Osprey

I come off the bridge and as the vehicle in front of me slides into the right lane I drop the hammer and fly down the highway. I am late.

We had been fixated by Team Osprey’s trip to Surf City. Upon return from the Audubon trip on Saturday Rob and I had received the news that they were in the semi’s or finals in chosen categories. There was excitement around the shop. Back at the house that evening over amazing fish tortilla’s we speculated on events.

The road passes quickly but the clock in the truck tells me that the margin to make the train is narrowing dangerously. I kick myself yet again for having had to turn around to get my rail pass and ID.

Sunday was rain, wind and threats of thunder and lightening. Waiting for a call from the boys, we worked on pre-season’s, the website and various other chores. In the early afternoon the call came. Everyone had placed. Team Osprey may not have won but ESKA knew they were there in every category competed in.

I step out of my truck and eye the crossing gates suspiciously. The red was just a reflected brake light from a passing car. The train is running late as well. I think about the stories the guys will have from their weekend.

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