Sunday, September 13, 2009

Like the man said,"Throw your hands in the air..."

I love this picture. There is abandon, humor, camraderie, people I like and a perfect, glassy wave.


Rachel said...

Ami and I found this picture upon our arrival home from surf camp. What a fantastic surprise. Thank you.

And thank you to Mike, Will, Sam, and Carl for making Surf Camp such an amazing experience for us.

Ami Chitwood said...

Full disclosure - this was after I caught my FIRST WAVE EVER on my 12 foot Laird.

Hugh - you can't say I was Barkalounging on this one!

Thanks so much to the crew at Osprey - Mike, Will, Sam, and Carl & everyone who joined us over the course of the best weekend ever!

Alicia - Sam has your hat. :)


corgimas said...

what a fantastic picture!!!! good one Ami!
nice snap!!!!

Hugh said...

We have one of Rachel and Mike on a wave...I'll be adding that one to the slideshow.