Friday, September 25, 2009


By about July the other Osprey staff develop a gestalt that I’m not part of since I am only there weekends. I end up focused on my own weekday 9-5 and gym and chores and stop paying much attention to what goes on in Westport during the week.

It came as a bit of a surprise when it dawned on me that I had heard that Mike and Rob were heading to a surf kayak competition down in the Carolinas somewhere. Talking to Sam later in the week confirmed that they were going to North Carolina and that Will was now accompanying them. Setting aside some reports I was working on, I did a quick check and found that sure enough ESKA (Eastern Surf Kayak Association) was having their “Battle of the Blade” this weekend in Surf City.

It occurred to me (after confirming Mike’s bio by looking at his web page) that this is a bit of a homecoming for him and that he may well be excited to show those folks the level of talent he has helped foster up here.

Mike, Rob, Will…good luck and show ‘em how we kill waves LC style!


corgimas said...

so....what % of the Level 3 Surf instructors will be there then?
more than at Osprey on any given day?

Hugh said...

half of Osprey's Level 3 Surf Instructors will be there so that leaves 2 and a trainer.