Friday, June 26, 2009

When there is no tide

Wednesday...I'll have a whole day to kill...there will be white water out there...hmmm...cross-training...stories....gotta do it, a half day of river instruction. I look and find a place that appears to have quality staff so I send an email...nice folks but a week is a little short notice so they can't do it...bummer...I was looking forward to checking out Missoula...try the second place.

They seem to be a high volume rafting company with a side gig of kayak instruction from one of their guides but hey, Bozeman will be closer and the Gallatin looks to be a lovely river and I know nothing about river running except what I have seen in the videos and horror stories from friends...they call to set the reservation but seconds into the conversation they realize they may not have an instructor or water levels may not be right, they'll call back.

I start to pack for my trip, do I bring my gear? I call and ask about the instruction...they say the water level is too high call back a couple days before, maybe the water levels will I cart my gear out west on the hope of getting on a river?

You betcha!

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