Monday, June 15, 2009

Everybody's doin' it!! SUP!

My little sis came to visit the shop on Saturday after the WRWA River Run. The Run was awesome, and it was a georgeous day. A bunch of the OSKA crew were out paddling around on Standup paddle boards in the river right outside the shop. My sister is super cool, and super duper cute, and she's 11. She saw the boards and immediately wanted to try it. so we got her a paddle and a PFD, and she took off her earrings and hopped right on without any hesitation and began to paddle around. It was awesome. After a very short time, she had the board tracking pretty well, was able to turn it with ease, and was confidently dancing and jumping around on the board like a pro. She even gave me a ride on it! I am so psyched to paddle with her in the future! Stay posted for when we get her out in the waves surfin' kayaks, i'm sure she'll totally show me up out there! 

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