Tuesday, June 23, 2009

PFD (pre-Father's Day)

There is a sports program on television, Morgan is on her bucket and the sky again slate. Carl, out on a 2 day Guide course, has already called to check in and the boys have the SUP boards down at the landing with a buddy from the Vineyard. Sam is keeping half an eye on the weather. It isn’t looking good for Father’s Day. I am trying to concentrate on preparing dinner as well as the TV but my upcoming road trip has been slowly taking over my brain.

We finish dinner as the boys roll in with Alicia. The surf session had gone really well and they are in awe of Rob and his style on the waves. For his part Rob is happy, on the floor stretching while Morgan gives everyone the hairy eyeball and the tournament continues on TV. Izzy checks in with a call, completing the Saturday Osprey gathering.

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