Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Xpression Session 7/14

For weeks I had been hearing about the fun, the food and the good vibes at the Xpression Sessions on Monday nights. I live north of Boston so when I saw that there would be swell from Bertha hitting I took Monday off to surf and see what all the noise was about. Carl and I got out in the morning to get a little time on task before the evening. When we swung by the shop we found out that Mike had been fielding calls all morning from folks wanting to come check out the scene. West was bringing a bunch of folks from Zoar and the regular crew was organizing. The excitement around Osprey became palpable. Friends were coming to join the fun! Around 4 we started loading the vehicles. Food, gear and boats were pulled together and some of the folks West had in tow swung by the house to say “Hi”. The energy started becoming infectious…so to get a few rides in before setting up the beach party, Carl and I boogied on down to the landing. He got a mediocre ride before he had one that he owned all the way in. It took me a while to get out but within a couple of minutes I had a run like none I have had before. Since I wasn’t going to top it, I jumped on out to video.

It was about 5:30 and cars were pulling in with all manner of boats…sit-on-tops, play boats as well as surf kayaks. Out came the bbq, chairs, snacks and the cheering section. The party had begun. We had a rough count of 20 folks surfing and 15 on shore watching. For a Monday night it felt an awful lot like a Saturday. Soon the smells of food cooking hit the air. As the sun went down folks trickled off the water and the shore scene kicked into high gear. I stayed well into the evening before heading back north of Boston.

I hope there is more surf next Monday, I have taken that one off too!


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