Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I love kayaking. The feeling of sliding into a boat and slipping into the water is as comfortable as pulling into a friend’s driveway and walking into their house. A sunrise or sunset on quiet water to enjoy the beauty of nature, traveling along the coast in 20 knot winds and 4 foot seas as a challenge to be in the now, weaving through a rock garden playing with the skills of control or flying down a wave in a mix of fear and exhilaration are all activities that make me happy to be alive and human. Running a class where both the students and I feed off of each other’s love of what we are doing is as big a rush as any I have experienced.

Saturday was one of those days that make this all so addicting for me. The students were excited to be doing this thing. Their energy amped mine and the questions they raised throughout the day added to the depth of the course. I was stunned that they wolfed down their lunch faster than I could and were edgy to get going again. When we reached the end of the class, they were tired but happy and still interested. I love this sport.

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