Thursday, May 8, 2008

More Stuff from Hugh

So there I was all day, staring at the pictures of surfing I have hung up in my cubicle. This is probably some sort of torture set up by my subconscious. On one wall I have a nice picture of me looking all epic in huge waves (forced perspective is awesome) and one of Izzy sitting looking out at waves in a boat with her spiked helmet can see the picture around, we all love it. The next wall is in 2 sections...section 1 is the WALL O' SHAME. It contains a picture of me getting a wave in the face (full nasal cavity cleansing), a picture of Carl catching a rail and one of me rolling to avoid Carl screaming down a wave. Section 2 drives me up a wall. It is 2 pictures of me doing better than any other time on a wave...yet there are faults in my form...grrrrr...then the is a nice picture of Rob launching a surf yak on a Sunday morning. We both lost feeling in our extremities that day. The week is almost over so I can practically feel the water under my keel. -Hugh

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