Sunday, May 25, 2008

First Class

Saturday was the first class I have run since pool sessions this winter. I had a blast. The people who came out were great and I got to be part of the process of them expanding their expectations of themselves. I really enjoy coaching when this happens. Watching folks see that they can do more than they thought is an awesome thing and to see them face themselves more than once...and up the ante is...yeah, I'm gonna say it...inspiring. I am definitely going to remember the client who pushed past something that scared them when they had every opportunity to decline the challenge.

The rest of the weekend was enjoyable as well. It always is when Chuck and Betsy come for a visit. I am bummed that I did not get to stick around this evening for the Monday Surf Expression Session. Jason (from NSPN and The Sea Monkeys) came down to hang. It was nice to see him and I am bummed that I couldn't stay to get out on the water...or at least have a beach picnic and fly a kite. Oh yeah, I still can't fish...and catch what I am going after...thankfully this is not something I need to do to survive.

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