Thursday, October 15, 2009

How can I decide?

While instructing at OSKA, I find it important to test paddle every boat we carry. Fortunately, we sell Watertech! The first time I saw these Portuguese Surf Kayaks I could barely contain myself. Unwrapping the packaging, seeing the bright colors and smelling the cured fiberglass was almost to much to take!
Well, several months have past and with many hours of test surfing under my butt, I can say these boats are sweet. First of all, the Lucifer or "Lucy" for short is a dream girl. The fit is comfortable and once on a wave is ready to shred anything in her path. I've never surfed a boat that gets barreled so easily, this boat wants to be covered up. Truly a boat that makes my heart pump. Speedy is a little bigger in every dimension and boy, really fast down the line. Dropping in on a peak and accelerating down the face of a wave has never felt this way before. Now I know where they got the name, it gives you a chance to work on your cutbacks!
The 666 first and foremost, is an IC boat. But once you surf this boat the word soul comes to mind. The smooth take-offs, long drawn out graceful turns and predictability at speed lets my soul come to the surface. Once again, after a long tiring surf session, I feel whole again.


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