Monday, October 6, 2008


Vestiges of dream are sundered in the clawing back to consciousness. My mouth snaps shut as I realize my jaw is slack. The train rocks on the tracks into Boston and music is playing unheard in my headphones while thoughts attempt to coalesce. As we pull into the platform I stand, a necessary action that causes the world to spin. Blood seems to be sluggish in getting up to speed and muscles gasp for oxygen. It must be Monday the last couple of days have been another blur of activity. My brain is on minimum operation as it sorts through the events of the past couple of days:

There was Rob B and Eddie on Saturday. Rob B was back for a repeat performance with the college student tour. One student…let’s call him Eddie…provided much of the amusement on the trip and has walked away with the Autumn Award for Most Entertaining Client. The kids from our high school program were through on Sunday for non-existent surf so got to enjoy Sakonnet Point with Mike, Rob B and a Carl freshly back from Greece as well as an extended tour of one of Germany’s largest airports. I got to finally complete a private lesson with a very nice client who happens to be able to predict bad weather by merely scheduling lessons.

Columbus Day is 7 days away. It is the unofficial end to the kayak season for most New England outfitters. We’re still rocking and rolling for a little longer and will soon be finishing up the Winter pool schedule.

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