Tuesday, October 14, 2008


My feet dig into the sand as the kite arcs low across the horizon. The traces pull at the bar in my hands, reins for some strange, flying horse. One hand pulls back while the other pushes forward, the kite arcs back to a zenith and the pull diminishes before it angles earthward again. It is straining at the lines and I get dragged forward. Another shift of my hands sends it back into the air.

As I gain confidence in my ability to control this beast, I allow it to stay low and in the power zone for longer periods. Having watched the others, I think I can get this thing to loop so I send it skyward again. People are chatting and laughing as the kite soars above them. A twitch of my hands sends it charging down at the ground. It gains speed but has stopped responding to my hands’ commands. It is willful and obstinate. Too late for a warning cry, it augers into the beach with an explosive slap that shocks those it tried to hit.

The crowd jumps as one then turn towards me. I smile sheepishly.

I tug the bar and walk back away from the people, the kite leaps skyward again and follows me obediently. Shortly I am replaced at the reigns by one who has more experience controlling these things.

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