Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Option to Fail

I strive for perfection and it irks me when I can’t reach it. I watch my friends and when I can’t be as good or better then I become disappointed with myself. It was a hard lesson to learn that I have limitations. I will never teach like Carl or Sam but I can improve a piece here and a piece there each class I instruct. I won’t ever have as much grace or talent on a wave as Mike or Rob but I can do a better job looking down the wave or balancing correctly for a good top turn. When I fail I am learning to accept the event and move forward correcting what went wrong if I can. Sometimes it takes practice but I think I can work the kinks out if I have the chance. Like my roll, it took time to work the technique out and now I don’t have to come out of my boat when something else fails…most of the time…it’s a process thing. How fun would it all be if it didn’t take effort?

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