Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The drive down is quick this morning. I am not sure whether it is that “Only A Game” is on or that I don’t have a course to teach until this afternoon. I cruise into Westport picking up water at Lee’s and coffee at Starfish. Breakfast is kicking in and I feel the energy flowing.

Some of the crew are already in. The front door is open and the flag is up. I enter the shop to see Sam pouring over the schedule, courses as well as rentals. It is going to be a tight day. I start pulling boats and gear. Rob rolls in and jumps into the fray.

Mike’s trip is ready to go and Carl plays chauffer. Early renters appear out of nowhere. We have told everyone that today is one of those days where it is better to go in the afternoon when the tide is in. We load boats on vehicles for those going offsite and put others on the river. It is a nice morning and I am anxious myself to get out on the water but it will be a couple hours yet until my class goes.

After the first wave of boat hauling and launching of renters I grab one of my sandwiches and inhale it. I will have energy to burn today. I inhale the second sandwich and eat my nectarine while Rob grabs his between sending out renters. We trade launches and feed off an amazing amount of positive energy.

I jump into my gear as the crowd of renters swells. My people are arriving. I start the course while Rob sends out the some of the noon renters. He joins us in a couple of minutes as Carl brings Mike and his crew back from the tour. We kick into gear and get the Intro course really cooking. These folks are going to be a blast. Already they have personality and are expressing individuality. That always bodes well for a great class.

The class goes well. Some folks get it, some folks are close. We try to give everyone as much attention as we can but it is not a private lesson. Our styles are different but the respect and trust is there so we blend our teaching well. The class exhausts themselves and we head back in. They are smiling and happy but looking forward to getting off the water.

The shop lawn is littered with boats. There are still renters out. We say our goodbyes to the class and start hauling boats, cleaning gear and try to prep for leaving in an hour and a half. There is work but also fun. Our silly little PFD toss is a wonderful break in the headlong rush to the end of the day. Rob is in the window while I chuck the jackets up to him. It is August so I am able to accurately huck the vests from wherever they have been set to dry. I start banking them off the wall next to the window with only a couple of misses. There is laughter from the shop and out on the lawn as we grind to the end of the day.

I climb into my truck and head to Carl and Sam’s house by way of my second trip to Lee’s, this time for dinner fixins. Rob and Alicia show up and we have a nice low key evening hanging out watching the last of the Olympics and chatting. Fall is going to be quiet with Rob going to a new job, Alicia back to teaching and Izzy back to college. Labor Day is next weekend as is the start of our fall season.

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