Wednesday, May 5, 2010

24 mile Osprey Biathlon

Just after 7 I stepped onto the paddleboard and headed towards the harbor. The sun had been above the horizon for a little bit and was still lower than the trees, the sky held the last colors of dawn. Birds were everywhere and fish swirled the water. There are very few ways to have a better start to the day.

I was starting a little earlier than planned and had to step towards the nose of the board to ensure the fin cleared the bottom until I reached the channel. A fisherman reeling in a Striper and I nodded to each other. The sun soared into the sky and I started hoping for a little wind.

The incoming tide slowed my progress but once I hit the harbor it pushed me along well enough. The North/East wind was strong enough to cool me down as I passed the 88 bridge on schedule. Music thumped in my ears. My iPod sat in my backpack piping out the tunes that kept me motivated. Hix Bridge soon passed as did my first wind. I dug for my second one and was thankful the breeze was light.

The shop came into sight and I breathed a sigh of relief. 12 miles finished and another 12 to go but it was time for lunch and a rest.

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