Monday, January 11, 2010

um....It's cold

“Who’s up for SUP’n tomorrow?” Sam asked the crowd. Everyone’s hands went up. It was a winter gathering of the Osprey crew.

Morning came quickly when the house filled with people gearing up for the fun. We loaded the snow covered boards on David’s car and the Ladd truck. The plan, while we were warm and dry and drinking our coffee, was to put in at Lloyd’s, paddle around Sakonnet Point and take out at Surfers. That was the plan.

The wind trying to tug the boards out of our hands made the 13˚ temps a little less bearable. It was a toss up whether those of us in drysuits or winter wetsuits were colder. The put-in was suddenly callisthenic ground zero as attempts were made to warm up. Soon enough the 7 of us were on the water heading downwind at a fair clip. Small wind swell accompanied us…no seals were in sight…or birds for that matter.

Ice formed on my gloves and I was happy I had let my beard grow when we came around the point and faced the daunting task of heading upwind.

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