Sunday, August 16, 2009

Explorating this Mortal Coil

My Karma was hemorrhaging faster than I was likely to replace it. By Thursday, the tension that it caused had me at a slow boil and barely able to live with myself. The weekend was going to be difficult if I couldn’t figure out how to staunch the flow.

As the sun rose Saturday morning I still didn’t have a bandage and lost more karma on the highway.

Rob Banks and I headed to Bristol for our birding tour. He offset my karmic leak, which had caused me to get the rear wheels of the van stuck in sandy gravel at the landing. A beautiful venue and a nice tour helped the morning progress well. The shop was humming when we returned. Rob lent me a little of his karma in order to get back in one piece and since he was in the van as well, it worked out for him.

After the shop closed I stumbled through Lee’s and Tin handed me the best spicy tuna sushi I have ever had. It was followed by Carl’s famous “bacon makes everything better” fillet Mignon and a nicely quiet evening. I have some very good friends…one of whom has a couple of dogs that provided the right amount of fur time. How can anyone not relax when coated in a little dog drool and surrounded by doggie happiness that you are there? My karma finally coagulated.

Caffeine from Starfish fueled Sunday in a tasty way and my Intro lesson made for a great morning. Back at the shop a wave of energy was forming and my karmic issues seemed resolved.

The happiness which my clients left me got me up to speed to help the rest of the crew move folks to their rentals. Face after smiling face came through the door adding energy to the activities we love. There was a flow going.

A beanie counts for a lot in life, ask any newborn. The well crafted, steal gray one waiting for me at the shop after my Sunday lesson is beautiful and welcome…if not in the 90 degrees, in the future when temps cool down a little. Thank you.


corgimas said...

least you are saying it was my karma and not my weight that got us a bit deeper in gravel than we had hoped!!!
it was a good day on saturday!!!

Hugh said...

:) It was my karma that got us stuck...yours kept us from burying the axle.

corgimas said...

oh yeah...what a team ;)

Ami Chitwood said...

yeah - 90degree weather and wool beanie aren't great combos, but I wanted to make sure all my Osprey friends have something warm for the fantastic late summer/fall water!

Cheers. Ami

Hugh said...

:) Thanks Ami!