Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lest we forget...we kayak

The boats are organized on the beach. The coffee is wearing off and the sun is swiftly baking me. The bottle of water gets sucked down faster than expected and it is only 8:30.

I haven't been in Marion since I was fourteen (though I would swear swinging through to check out this launch site years ago with Carl) and applying to Tabor. It is still the little harbor town I remember. A breeze blows ocean coolness at me. The sand radiates a suprising amount of heat.

Clients start appearing...their smiles and enthusiasm blow through the cobwebs and the energy starts to build. A gear shifts or a switch is thrown (I have no idea which best fits my internal process) and suddenly I am ready to go. This will be fun.

...I wish Karma hadn't stolen my sunglasses.

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