Monday, April 27, 2009

You Tew

Ok, I’ll confess. I am not a lover of hot weather.

Morning came when Morgan’s shrill “Where are you?” whistle pierced my sleep. No way could she be missing me. Sam’s whispered voice carried through the quiet house as well. “Shhhhh Morgan, I'm right here”.

Something wasn’t quite right. I pulled my eyes open and looked around. Nothing had changed since I went to sleep except dawn’s light coming through the window. The sound of the coffee pot making its morning elixir occasionally percolated through the silence. I inventoried myself….consciousness, um...check…….all extremities intact, check….sweating, check….darn. That was the problem. I was sweating and it was still April. A quick check of the time told me it was 5:30am. Double darn.

Evening found me on my father’s deck relaxing in the moderately cooler breeze. The day had been long and brutally hot for one such as me, especially since I had not been out on the water. My only saving grace had been the ability to hide in the shop’s shade. Luckily, I was the only one who wished for a return of cooler weather. A steady stream of renters all had that glazed look indicating that they had almost given up hope of the heat’s return but here it was again.

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